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Georgia MX Track Builders uses this type equipment to construct MX Tracks and ATV TrailsDirt bike and ATV riding is a sport that not only, can our youth enjoy, but is a sport that the entire family can participate in and enjoy. From a very young age, kids often become addicted to the looks, the feel and the overall adrenaline that is associated with the sport, this continues to build all throughout their adult life. From trail riding to MX racing, one thing that has always been true and will always remain true, is in order to be efficient, fast and safe, a rider must practice constantly. A riders balance and ability to "become one with the bike" will only come with seat time. One of the largest challenges with seat time, is making time for the seat. Instead of waiting for the weekend to practice, why not practice for the weekend. For the youth still in school, having a track at home is a great way to reward them for bringing home good grades.

Have fun riding, and remember safety comes first !




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Georgia MX Track Builders specializes in off road, ATV, motocross, MX, AX, motorcycle & dirt bike race tracks, jumps and trails construction in
the Southeast including: Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi & Florida.

Dirt bike and ATV riding is a dangerous sport, serious injury or death could occur as a result of engaging in this activity. Georgia MX Builders or its owners assumes no liability that exist when riding on any tracks or trails that Georgia MX Builders constructs.